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Puerto Galera is situated on the northern coast of Mindoro Island, which is separated from Luzon by the Verde Island Passage. These waters are flushed by the current of the South China Sea, resulting in strong currents of up to 6 knots. This makes the area well known for its spectacular scuba diving and abundant sea life.

Our dive trips start in the morning, with the departure times being discussed with the dive guests

The dive sites are just 5 minutes to 20 minutes from the base. Thus one can use the afternoon after 2 completed dives to undertake one of the numerous excursion possibilities over the island.

Around Puerto Galera and Sabang there are about 32 dive sites (see dive sites described) with an incredible variety of corals. At only 5 to 35 meters, the diver will find a coral underwater world that is unique on our planet, a paradise of coral biodiversity, so to speak. A must for underwater photographers and all interested divers, just a treasure trove.

The sea water temperatures are in Puerto Galera between 23 and 29 degrees. Puerto Galera is ideal for warm water divers.

The difference in tides is relatively high, so it is important to properly choose the dive sites and strength of the current dive planning. Dive-free diving or a drift dive for professionals, Puerto Galera offers both. On average, we have visibility of about 10-25 meters, on some days up to 50 meters visibility and more.