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Dive Sites

The dive sites around Puerto Galera have been protected for years. The result can already be seen on the first dive. The corals are in an impressive variety dar. Countless different soft corals and animals await the divers. Even experienced divers are enthusiastic about the variety of different species in the reefs around Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera has a lot to offer: quiet and beautiful dives along a variety of hard and soft coral formations, wreck diving, wonderful drift diving and lots of fish. The followers of microbiology will be thrilled ...

All year round is diving season. The water temperatures are 23 ° - 25 ° C in winter and up to 30 ° C in summer. The climate at Mindoro is tropical. The rainy season usually brings rain showers in the evening. At night, you might be awakened by thundering rain with thunder and lightning, after which you will start the day with bright sunshine in the morning. The visibility of moon phases, typhoons or heavy rains is rarely affected. The visibility is usually between 20 - 25 meters, but can sometimes reach up to 50 meters.