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About us

I dived more than 19 years ago and discovered myself and have not let go since then.
Three years later, I began to dream my dream with you, my guests, together.

Until today, the underwater world is an adventure and every day an experience. My ultimate goal is to make this experience unforgettable. "Does not work - does not exist" - this has not only happened to me, but also to my colleagues in flesh and blood, in mask and fin, in regulator and buoyancy compensator. A feel-good service frees you to explore and enjoy the secrets of (and over) water.

From 2000 to 2004, I ran a dive center in the Maldives and am very proud of my visitors.

You have accompanied me through the seas of Egypt, where with your support you have managed to build in Safaga a sleepy little dive club in only 5 years to one of the renowned dive centers of Egypt.

In the Philippines, 2009, I found a new challenge in the waters with the finest diving-themed spots.

Let yourself be abducted, away from stress, away from everyday life, into another world.
Be accompanied by my team and me wherever you want to go.

Let us be astonished - and never hold our breath!


You’re Guido Busch