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Our excursion offer

Due to the fact that our dive sites can all be reached in just 10 minutes, after two completed dives around 12:30 you can already plan the next activities.

That's why we offer you a wide range of recreational opportunities.
The Philippines also have much to offer on land! Get to know the natural beauties and sights of the Philippines.

Explore the island of Mindoro by bike or Jeepney.
"Let's go to the beach and do not forget the sunscreen" ... that was yesterday!

Discover Mindoro on unique tours.
Mindoro has a unique landscape in the Philippines.
Let yourself be enchanted by the land and its people - from the coastal lowlands to 2,600-meter-high mountains that have no tree line here.
Along the coastal roads with impressive viewpoints, dense jungle, river meadows and past waterfalls, the tour leads through the natural beauties of Mindoro. By originally Filipino villages and along rice fields, an excursion comes to an end which can also be reached with a kayak downstream. You will think back to these excursions for a long time, as they bring you closer to the originality of this island.